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Excellent product at a good price. I bought one in yellow (chartreuse) to see if I liked it. I liked it very much and I ordered another one and two more in white.
  Theodore Mais

In the past 8 months I've just gotten back into cycling after 25 years away. I bought a few Club Ride jerseys before this, but this is my first typical cycling jersey in decades.
If you are obese and want a real cycling jersey, I think you will be happy with this - just order at least two sizes too big. I'm keeping my XL as a sort of "skinny clothes" incentive like my wife does. I will be happy to keep using this model jersey indefinitely, unless I get a wild hair to race and need to save some wind drag with a skin tight fit. Otherwise it seems like an aint-busted scenario. This is my favorite jersey, even including expensive ones.


Comfortable inexpensive shorts. Good for hanging around the house or as minimalist PJs.
  Rhonda Reed

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